About us: Ivan Zauli

Ivan Zauli

I’m Ivan Zauli, master of soccer technique and creator of the method “The Way of Champions” (“La Strada dei Campioni”).

I started playing football in the Cesena youth sector when I was 10 years old. After the whole process of the youth sector, I played for 12 years in various teams.

At 30 I dropped out of the category, I trained in the evening and in the afternoon, I was a technical teacher in the youth teams of Faenza Calcio.

At that time, I began to plan the “The Way of Champions” method.

Later, I put my experience as a master of technique to good use as a consultant for multiple youth teams, but also in many courses for coaches.

Among the soccer teams I have followed, the most famous are Cesena, Brescia, Palermo and Juventus.

FootballTraining.tv is the video portal of the “The Way of Champions” method: dozens of videos allow you to learn the method in a short time, viewing and reviewing every single exercise, up to fully mastering this training method for the refinement of soccer skills and fundamental techniques for today’s fast football.

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