The method “The Way of Champions”

The method “The Way of Champions” was born from the experience gained in more than sixteen years of study in the youth sectors of amateur and professional soccer clubs as a master of football technique.

It’s a progressive development plan complete with all the technical skills that are taught trough analytical exercises, games and situations to achieve the set technical goal during the training sessions. Repetition leads to the acquisition of the football technical gesture, but the important thing is to continuously vary the stimuli so that the student keeps motivation high.


  • Adaptation to the student’s soccer starting level.
  • Motivating gradualness of the exercises.
  • Variety to stimulate the boys and the girls.
  • Repetition and connection.
  • Technical objective connected with the conclusion to the net.
  • Ball mastery.
  • Systematic work scheduled for periodic cycles.
  • Fun and strengthening of self-esteem.


The first 6 techniques are basic for personal mastery as they provide tools to the football player to manage all game situations:

  • Ball mastery trough two phases:
    • On the ground to improve foot-ball sensitivity.
    • Aerial, with dribble to acquire sensitivity and ability to read trajectories.
  • Technical gestures on changes of direction to keep possession of the ball.
  • Technical gestures on changes of direction to gain space forward.
  • Technical gestures with stops and restarts to conquer space forward, trough speed changes with the ball to overcome an opponent placed sideways.
  • Technical gestures for feints to conquer space forward and overcome an opponent placed frontally or dorsally.
  • Technique of fast running with the ball to be effective in a restart in a free space.

The following 5 techniques are fundamental to develop collaboration and cooperation with teammates to create the mentality of shooting on goal:

  • Techniques for short and long passes to acquire the ability to differentiate the various ways of kicking.
  • Receiving techniques with gazing and aerial ball to acquire the skills to carry out and appropriate receiving based on the position of the opponents and teammates.
  • Headshot techniques for goal shots, to pass to teammates and to defend.
  • Techniques on the flight and semi-flight game.
  • Techniques for shooting on goal from the ground.

The last techniques concern the acquisition of individual soccer defensive techniques:

  • Defensive techniques.